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Perl XML Parsers And My Story

Last week I had an opportunity to write some CGI scripts in Perl. It is like going few years back in web development. And it gave me the answer why PHP become favorite over Perl among the web developers. It … Continue reading

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FAQ for WSF/PHP Installation

Answering users questions about wsf/php installation for many months, I thought it is worth to take some time and make a shortlist of some regular questions asked by them. Actually problems has been occurred not only due to users mistakes … Continue reading

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WSO2 Web Services Framework for Ruby (WSF/Ruby) 1.1.0 Released

WSO2 WSF/Ruby is back in a release, after more than 6 months. We released the WSF/Ruby 1.0.0 in this January (with the start of the year work) with a number of features that someone may expect in a WS-* stack. … Continue reading

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Axis2/C ADB Codegen (WSDL2C) Tutorial + Resources

Here are some list of links that you may find useful to start working with Axis2/C ADB Codegen tool. Building Axis2/C Web Services with the help of Axis2/Java Tools (Tutorial) Codegen + ADB Samples (SVN) 20+ Test cases, how different … Continue reading

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Install WSF/PHP with WAMPServer

Formerly I have written several guidelines to install wsf/php in Linux like Installing WSF/PHP 1.2.1 in ubuntu and Install WSF/PHP 1.2.1 with zend core in Ubuntu 7.10. So I thought to prepare a similar guideline for windows specially with my … Continue reading

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Installing wsf/perl in Ubuntu

Today I got to install wso2 wsf/perl in my Ubuntu 8.04 OS. It was really straight forward.  Just follow the following steps and you are ready to do real web services in perl. Download wsf/perl 1.1 from cpan web site. … Continue reading

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Welcome to

I have been blogging in wordpress and blogspot for sometime now. And I have been blogging a lot around my working area from Still I m not a regular blogger. And I dont think having my own … Continue reading

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