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Sending Binary with Apache Axis2/C ADB

Axis2/C ADB is a C language binding to the XML schema. ADB object model represents an XML specific to a given schema in a WSDL. You can use the Axis2 codegen tool to generate ADB codes for your WSDL and … Continue reading

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Send Binary With Web Services in PHP – 2 Minutes Introduction

In PHP you have several ways of sending binary data. It can be primarily categorized in to non-optimized method (send as base64 binary) and optimized method (send as MTOM or SWA). Here I m talking about how to send binaries … Continue reading

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How to Hack Axis2 Codegen templates from an Axis2 Binary

I have been working for Axis2/C codegen tool for sometime now and I found lot of users who want to edit the codegen templates for a more optimized code specific to their use cases. This is mainly because codegen tool … Continue reading

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Send Binary in SOAP with WSF/PHP 1.3.2

In a valid XML you can only have text and you can not have binary characters. SOAP which in fact an XML is also having this issue. So it is not staright forward to send binary data in SOAP. But … Continue reading

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