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WSO2 Releases Web Service Framework For C++

WSO2 announced the release of the Web Services Framework for C++ (WSF/C++) version 2.0.0. Similar to WSF/PHP which is really popular among the PHP community, WSF/CPP is the C++ language binding for the Apache Axis2/C and the other supporting web … Continue reading

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Article Introducing PHP Data Services

Now you can view the article I wrote titling “Introduction to PHP Data Services“. There I explain how you can design and implement Data Services in PHP using WSF/PHP Data Services Library. This article covers, Designing your Data Service API. … Continue reading

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SOA Way of Writing PHP

Traditional way of Writing PHP Let me draw a component diagram of a typical traditional(conventional) PHP web application. With this design you get the advantages of the client-server architecture and the MVC design pattern. Advantages of the Traditional Approach You … Continue reading

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WSO2 WSF/PHP 2.0.0 Just Released!

We have been waiting for a while to do the WSF/PHP 2.0.0 release with a bundle of new features. We took time to test all the features and to make sure they are working smoothly. And it is heavily tested … Continue reading

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