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PHP Web Services – Authentication Based on Client’s IP

Explains with code samples how a PHP web service can be written to authenticate clients based on their IPs. Continue reading

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Making Good SOA Great – EBook From WSO2

WSO2 has released an ebook “Making Good SOA Great – The WSO2 Story of Componentization” explaining how componentizations of middleware will improve the adaption of SOA in an enterprise IT system. And it introduces how you implement it in real … Continue reading

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Security Considerations in Firefox When Accessing Different Domains

If you are a web developer you may have experienced that there are many situations that you need to access remote domains for data sources. For an example if you are building a weather mashup, you may like to connect … Continue reading

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Introduction to WSO2 Carbon – Componentized SOA Platform

“WSO2 carbon is a componentized, customizable SOA Platform, You can adapt the middleware to your enterprise architecture, rather than adapt your architecture to the middleware”. The Carbon Story

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WordPress Database – Relationship with Tags, Catagories and Posts

WordPress has a very simple database schema. And it is well documented. You can access the complete description of the wordpress core database from here, Anyway first time I looked at the database I was confused with the term … Continue reading

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Data Services Best Practices

In simple term, data services are exposing data as web services. Anyway it is not a complete definition. Actually there are situations where we use data services not only to read data, but also to create, update or delete data. … Continue reading

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Sending Encrypted Binary Messages With PHP Web Services

Web services has made the communication between heterogeneous environments (say PHP with .NET  or Java) a reality. It has defines standards for communicate not only with texts but also with binaries. And more importantly you can keep these communication confidential … Continue reading

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Calling Simple Web Services From Javascript

If you are a web developer, you may have found many occasions you have to create simple mashups for your web site. There you call web services or data services to fill the content of the web page. Most of … Continue reading

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PHP Data Services with PostgreSQL

LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP) stack powers many servers in the Internet today. For a LAMP  server, PostgreSQL could be the first alternative to Mysql. Similar to PHP + MySQL,  PHP + PostgreSQL too can be easily … Continue reading

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Writing Web Apps with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Maps

Google Maps Google provides a nice API allowing developers to integrate Google Maps to their web applications. For that you first need to create a Google Map API key from here, It is free and you can create as … Continue reading

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