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MSSQL(Microsoft SQL) Data Services In PHP

PHP in most percentage is used with MySQL Server in LAMP or WAMP stacks. But there may be situations where PHP uses MSSQL databases in back-end. And PHP scripts can be used to make Web services exposing MSSQL Databases. That … Continue reading

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WSDL2PHP 2 Minutes Introduction

WSDL2PHP makes the development of web service providers and consumers quick and easy. I wrote a 2 minutes guide on developing web services providers sometimes ago. So lets concentrate on developing web service consumers here. Where is WSDL2PHP? WSDL2PHP script … Continue reading

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Axis2/C ADB 2 Minutes Introduction

Building and Traversing XML are regular tasks for any Web Service developer. We may use DOM, AXIOM or even simple String manipulation functions to do that. Normally this takes a lot of time and effort. And if we are coding … Continue reading

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Install PHP, WSF/PHP and DataServices in a Shared Hosting Environment

If you have a shared hosting environment you will find it is not straight forward to install WSO2 WSF/PHP + PHP DataServices Library since you have very limited authority on your environment. Here in this post, I’m explaining the steps … Continue reading

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Make your WordPress Blog a Web Service in Few Steps

With PHP DataServices it is just a matter of putting a little configuration php file to make your database available as a web service. I only needed few minutes to make a simple web service from my blog after figuring … Continue reading

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Nested Queries with PHP Data Services

We use the term ‘DataService’ when we expose a database as a web service. WSO2 has a separate product for the DataService space which was earlier shipped bundled with WSAS. There you write a configuration xml explaining what data to … Continue reading

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