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XML Schema Simple Types & How WSDL2PHP Convert Them To PHP

As many of other languages, XML schema too have data types. Basically it can be categorized in to two groups. Simple Types Complex Types The different between these 2 types are so easy to identify. Say you have a schema … Continue reading

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WSF/PHP WSDL Mode – Handling XML Schema Arrays

In XML Schema we declare an array or a multiple occurrence of a schema element by setting its maxOccurs attribute to a value greater than 1 or to the value “unbounded” in a case of no maximum boundary. <xs:element maxOccurs=”unbounded” … Continue reading

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XML Schema nillable=”true” vs minOccurs=”0″

In a WSDL, XML Schema is the section where it define the message format for each operations, which eventually become the real API that users are interested. And it is the most tricky part of the WSDL. Nowadays there are … Continue reading

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