Welcome to dimuthu.org

I have been blogging in wordpress http://dimuthuc.wordpress.com and blogspot http://dimuthuc.blogspot.com for sometime now. And I have been blogging a lot around my working area from http://phpwebservices.blogspot.com.

Still I m not a regular blogger. And I dont think having my own blog with my own domain name will do any different ;). But it s always worth do a try.  Now I can install my favorite software and favorite plug-ins, themes and customize them to the full extend. Lacking of these features were the main reason I moved here and there before this. So I hope I will do more blogging in here.

So what will I blog? I have had some hits  for my blogs on Axis2/C, WSDL2C codegen tool, WSF/PHP and web services areas. And definitely I will continue blogging more and more on that space. And I should update the blog with the interesting things I learn from the work and studies that worth to share with everyone.

Hope to see you through many blogs!

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