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PHP Web Services: Webinar From WSO2 And Zend

WSO2 and Zend jointly present a webinar titling “PHP Web Services: Why You Should Care” on 26th of May, 2010. The webinar will mainly focus on the following aspects, • Understand Web services development best practices • Discuss Web service … Continue reading

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WSF/PHP Code First Approach: Returning an Array of String

Here is a problem that many people have asked me how to do it. “Returning an array of string” with the code first approach. The API or WSDL generation annotation guide, http://wso2.org/project/wsf/php/2.0.0/docs/wsdl_generation_api.html contain all the things required in details. Here … Continue reading

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Getting the size of BLOB in MySql

If you want to store binary in database, you can use BLOB as the data type of that column. In Mysql you can use TINYBLOB, BLOB, MEDIUMBLOB, LONGBLOB depending on your space requirement. Here is an example of database table … Continue reading

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Case Study – PHP Data Services To Extract Content from Drupal Database

In this case study “ PHP Data Services Extract Content from Drupal Database“, I intended to present how Data Service concepts can be applied to extract data with marketing value from  a CMS database and publish it as web services.  … Continue reading

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Making Web Requests Using Curl From C and PHP

libcurl is a famous C library which can be used to transfer data through http/tcp or any custom protocols. It has a very easy to use API to make web requests programatically. PHP has an extension that wraps the libcurl … Continue reading

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Article Introducing PHP Data Services

Now you can view the article I wrote titling “Introduction to PHP Data Services“. There I explain how you can design and implement Data Services in PHP using WSF/PHP Data Services Library. This article covers, Designing your Data Service API. … Continue reading

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RESTful PHP Web Services – Book Review

PHP is one of the famous choice, when it comes to develop a web site. As the web evolve with the emerge of web service, REST (REpresentational State Transfer) concepts, the PHP language is also adapted to the new requirements … Continue reading

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PHP Data Services with PostgreSQL

LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP) stack powers many servers in the Internet today. For a LAMP  server, PostgreSQL could be the first alternative to Mysql. Similar to PHP + MySQL,  PHP + PostgreSQL too can be easily … Continue reading

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Steps to Convert a SQL Query to a Data Service

With WSF/PHP Data Service library, you can convert a SQL query to a Data Service very easily in few steps. Decide your SQL query first, For the query you may require some input parameters, and you have to decide what … Continue reading

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The Use of SOAP Action with WSF/PHP

In SOAP 1.1, the SOAP action is mentioned as a compulsory HTTP header. In practice it was used to identify the operation for a given request which we identify by the term ‘dispatching operations’. As of SOAP 1.2, the SOAP … Continue reading

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