Five Unification in WSO2 Carbon

The release of WSO2 SOA platform – Carbon has unified the process of development to deployment of SOA in several aspects. Here is a list of 5 aspects unified across all the components of the SOA platform namely WSAS (The App Server), ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and BPS (Business Process Server)

1. Unified QoS configurations – Allows you to add/drop modules for security, reliability, etc of your services + edit their policies in a unified view.
2. Unified Registry Storage – Provides a unified view over the governance of the SOA platform.
3. Unified Trackers – Availability of logs, statistics, graphs and  message tracers making it easy to debug and test your system.
4. Unified User Experience – Well designed unified User interfaces allowing admins/users to get familiar with each of the components very quickly and easily.
5. Unified Extensibility – The underline OSGI environment and the design of the carbon platform itself make it possible to add new OSGI bundles as extensions to fit equally across all the products.

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