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Sending Encrypted Binary Messages With PHP Web Services

Web services has made the communication between heterogeneous environments (say PHP with .NET  or Java) a reality. It has defines standards for communicate not only with texts but also with binaries. And more importantly you can keep these communication confidential … Continue reading

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WSF/PHP Test Cases Explained

WSO2 WSF/PHP comes with a comprehensive set of test cases. It covers the most of the basic/concrete scenarios supported by WSF/PHP. You can find these test cases inside the “src/tests” directory of WSF/PHP source package. Or you can find the … Continue reading

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WSF/PHP Samples Explained

Here is a simple categorization of the WSF/PHP samples. You can access all the wsf/php samples from http://labs.wso2.org/wsf/php/solutions/samples/index.html. Sample Category Example Client Source Code Example Service Source Code Online Demo Beginners echo_client.php echo_service.php Demo REST echo_client_rest.php echo_service_with_rest.php Demo WSDL Mode … Continue reading

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Send Binary With Web Services in PHP – 2 Minutes Introduction

In PHP you have several ways of sending binary data. It can be primarily categorized in to non-optimized method (send as base64 binary) and optimized method (send as MTOM or SWA). Here I m talking about how to send binaries … Continue reading

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Send Binary in SOAP with WSF/PHP 1.3.2

In a valid XML you can only have text and you can not have binary characters. SOAP which in fact an XML is also having this issue. So it is not staright forward to send binary data in SOAP. But … Continue reading

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