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SOA Summer School From WSO2

Are you curious What SOA is? Or How SOA revolutionize Enterprise technologies in recent times? Here is a great opportunity to you. WSO2 is hosting a SOA Summer School for Free, starting from 18th June. It will enlighten you on … Continue reading

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Making Good SOA Great

WSO2 is preparing for the first major release of their enterprise java product series after adapting the OSGI technology. You can already try out the betas from the wso2.org site. WSO2 Web Services Application Server (WSAS) WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus … Continue reading

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WSF/PHP Webinar

WSO2 WSF/PHP Webinar slides are now online. It basically contains an introduction to the WSF/PHP project, the features in its last week hot release and its enterprise applications. WSF PHP 2.0.0 Webinar Sep 2008 You can watch the video of … Continue reading

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PHP for Enterprise Applications

As the implementation language for a vast space of the applications through out the web, PHP still finding a proper place in the enterprise space. Can PHP go beyond the conventional web based database back-ended applications?. Can I use public … Continue reading

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