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WSO2 Stratos: WSO2 Brings The Whole SOA Stack to The Cloud

WSO2 announced that the SOA stack that they provided as downloadable packages are now available in the cloud as hosted instances with the code name WSO2 Stratos. You can try them out for free from You can register your … Continue reading

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Make vs Ant

Ant was developed mainly to run java programs, so it is good at building and running java programs. But you can use the good all Make program to build and even run java programs. Say I have an ant file … Continue reading

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Register Today for WSO2 Governance as a Service

WSO2 Governance as a Service is an online multi-tenant supported instance of WSO2 Governance Registry which is the solution for SOA Governance from the WSO2 SOA stack. You can start trying out WSO2 Governance as a Service by accessing the … Continue reading

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Five Unification in WSO2 Carbon

The release of WSO2 SOA platform – Carbon has unified the process of development to deployment of SOA in several aspects. Here is a list of 5 aspects unified across all the components of the SOA platform namely WSAS (The … Continue reading

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Making Web Requests Using Curl From C and PHP

libcurl is a famous C library which can be used to transfer data through http/tcp or any custom protocols. It has a very easy to use API to make web requests programatically. PHP has an extension that wraps the libcurl … Continue reading

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