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Using AXIOM/C As The XML Object Model

In Apache Axis2/C AXIOM is used as the basic object model to represent XML. AXIOM provide a DOM like API that allows to traverse and build the XML very easily. Anyway in underneath, AXIOM is different from DOM, as it … Continue reading

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XPath in SimpleXML

SimpleXML as it name imply, is a very simple API to traverse XML implemented specially in PHP language. It is very similar to the XPath, but since it has more PHP friendly syntax PHP developers really like to use it. … Continue reading

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XML Schema nillable=”true” vs minOccurs=”0″

In a WSDL, XML Schema is the section where it define the message format for each operations, which eventually become the real API that users are interested. And it is the most tricky part of the WSDL. Nowadays there are … Continue reading

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Perl XML Parsers And My Story

Last week I had an opportunity to write some CGI scripts in Perl. It is like going few years back in web development. And it gave me the answer why PHP become favorite over Perl among the web developers. It … Continue reading

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