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Register Today for WSO2 Governance as a Service

WSO2 Governance as a Service is an online multi-tenant supported instance of WSO2 Governance Registry which is the solution for SOA Governance from the WSO2 SOA stack. You can start trying out WSO2 Governance as a Service by accessing the … Continue reading

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RESTful PHP Web Services – Book Review

PHP is one of the famous choice, when it comes to develop a web site. As the web evolve with the emerge of web service, REST (REpresentational State Transfer) concepts, the PHP language is also adapted to the new requirements … Continue reading

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Write RESTful Services in C

You can write REST as well as SOAP web services using Apache Axis2/C web services framework. There you can make existing Axis2/C web services RESTful just by providing the URL patterns and the HTTP methods to each operation in  the … Continue reading

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Understanding Apache Axis2/C Services

If you have ever written an Apache Axis2/C service, there is a 99.9% chance that you have used the codegen tool to generate the code for the service. If so you only need to write your business logic inside functions … Continue reading

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