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Making Good SOA Great

WSO2 is preparing for the first major release of their enterprise java product series after adapting the OSGI technology. You can already try out the betas from the site. WSO2 Web Services Application Server (WSAS) WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus … Continue reading

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Making Web Requests Using Curl From C and PHP

libcurl is a famous C library which can be used to transfer data through http/tcp or any custom protocols. It has a very easy to use API to make web requests programatically. PHP has an extension that wraps the libcurl … Continue reading

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Hello World To Web Services With C And C++

Once you have a web service, you can write clients to invoke that service from any language, mostly with the help of a framework written in to that particular language. When it comes to C, the most popular choice is … Continue reading

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Article Introducing PHP Data Services

Now you can view the article I wrote titling “Introduction to PHP Data Services“. There I explain how you can design and implement Data Services in PHP using WSF/PHP Data Services Library. This article covers, Designing your Data Service API. … Continue reading

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RESTful PHP Web Services – Book Review

PHP is one of the famous choice, when it comes to develop a web site. As the web evolve with the emerge of web service, REST (REpresentational State Transfer) concepts, the PHP language is also adapted to the new requirements … Continue reading

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