WSO2 Stratos: WSO2 Brings The Whole SOA Stack to The Cloud

WSO2 announced that the SOA stack that they provided as downloadable packages are now available in the cloud as hosted instances with the code name WSO2 Stratos. You can try them out for free from You can register your organization for an account in the WSO2 Stratos by clicking the ‘Register’ button in the home page. You can find a detail guide on ‘How to register for WSO2 Stratos’ from Charitha’s blog,

At the registration, you will be asked to provide a username and password for the admin account. Use this credential to login as admin for the Stratos services and surf through the products. Here is a brief introduction on all the products currently available.

  • Stratos Governance: Store and govern your services, wsdls, schemas, policies and other SOA artifacts
  • Stratos Identity: Manage user bases, authentication mechanisms, permissions and all the identity aspects of your enterprise.
  • Stratos Application Server: Host your web apps, web services and manage their QoS aspects like security, reliability.
  • Stratos Gadgets Server: Write and host gadgets complaint with Google gadget standards.
  • Stratos Mashup Server: Write mashup using scripting languages like javascript.
  • Stratos Business Activity Monitor: Monitor activities of your services.
  • Stratos Enterprise Service Bus: Coming soon with message routing, intermediate message transformations, task scheduling and many more features.

With this release WSO2 bring complete SOA stack to the cloud, Now your enterprise can enjoy the power of SOA without the hassle of maintaining your own SOA infrastructure.

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