PHP Web Services: Webinar From WSO2 And Zend

WSO2 and Zend jointly present a webinar titling “PHP Web Services: Why You Should Care” on 26th of May, 2010. The webinar will mainly focus on the following aspects,
• Understand Web services development best practices
• Discuss Web service myths and pitfalls
• Learn about prominent PHP Web services extensions
• Watch a demo of building Web Services with both the Zend Framework and WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP.

You can find more information about the webinar and the link to registration here,

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2 Responses to PHP Web Services: Webinar From WSO2 And Zend

  1. Jorge Infante says:

    The link in that page is for a presentation of ESB, not for a PHP Web service presentation, can you put the correct link to see the presentation???

  2. dimuthu says:

    Hi, I think the link is fixed now. But the webinar has been already happened. Just keep in touch for the next webinar.


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