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Case Study – PHP Data Services To Extract Content from Drupal Database

In this case study “ PHP Data Services Extract Content from Drupal Database“, I intended to present how Data Service concepts can be applied to extract data with marketing value from  a CMS database and publish it as web services.  … Continue reading

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Using AXIOM/C As The XML Object Model

In Apache Axis2/C AXIOM is used as the basic object model to represent XML. AXIOM provide a DOM like API that allows to traverse and build the XML very easily. Anyway in underneath, AXIOM is different from DOM, as it … Continue reading

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Use of MySQL ‘GROUP BY’ to Derive Statistics

We use ‘GROUP BY’ SQL construct to query the data with aggregating some rows according to a field. For an example say if your blog database store your blogs in a table call ‘Blog’ and it has ‘Date’ as a … Continue reading

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