WSO2 Carbon 2 – WSAS, ESB & Governance Registry Released

WSO2 -An open source middleware company- announced the release of bunch of their SOA enabling products along with Carbon 2.0.0 which is an OSGI based unified platform that all the WSO2 java products are built on.

  • WSAS (Web Service Application Server) – Provide and consume web services, data services with full WS-*, REST support, GUI tools, Integration with Eclipse, etc..
  • ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) – Message routing, mediation, transformation, logging, task scheduling, load balancing, failover routing, event brokering, etc. with number of transports support
  • Governance Registry – Govern you SOA platform, introducing number of new features including Dashboard with Gadgets, lifecycle management with checklists, eventing and notifications, remote/symbolic links, checkin/checkout functionality and new meta data management UI.

You will be able to get the advantage of the carbon platform by extending the functionality of any of these products, just by mixing components from other products (Just like running an ESB within WSAS).

Download, Play around with them and Enjoy:)!!!

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