Composable SOA Platform

The WSO2 SOA platform comprises of

  • Application Server (WSO2 WSAS) – Enables you to provide and consume web services
  • Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB) – Enables you to mediate web service interactions
  • Business Process Service (WSO2 BPS) – Enables you to orchestrate services for your business process.
  • Registry (WSO2 Registry) Enables you to store and govern your resources.

The uniqueness of WSO2 platform is that it provides you the freedom to mix and match these components according to your requirements. Paul Fremantle, CTO of WSO2 describes this as a Composable SOA platform. You can drop ESB component to BPS instance to add mediation capabilities to your business process server or the other way around.

In the following screencast Ruwan Linton – Product Manger of WSO2 ESB explains how to get the mediation capabilities inside a web service application server, putting ESB component in to WSO2 WSAS and demonstrating their integrated operations.

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