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PHP Web Services: Webinar From WSO2 And Zend

WSO2 and Zend jointly present a webinar titling “PHP Web Services: Why You Should Care” on 26th of May, 2010. The webinar will mainly focus on the following aspects, • Understand Web services development best practices • Discuss Web service … Continue reading

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Webinar: WSO2 Business Activity Monitor for Agile Enterprises

Samisa Abeysinghe, the directory of engineering at WSO2 will present a webinar on Building an Agile Enterprise With Business Activity Monitoring today (3rd February 2010). There he will provide an overview of WSO2 Business Activity Monitor (WSO2 BAM), the latest … Continue reading

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WSF/PHP Webinar

WSO2 WSF/PHP Webinar slides are now online. It basically contains an introduction to the WSF/PHP project, the features in its last week hot release and its enterprise applications. WSF PHP 2.0.0 Webinar Sep 2008 You can watch the video of … Continue reading

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