WSO2 Releases Web Service Framework For C++

WSO2 announced the release of the Web Services Framework for C++ (WSF/C++) version 2.0.0. Similar to WSF/PHP which is really popular among the PHP community, WSF/CPP is the C++ language binding for the Apache Axis2/C and the other supporting web services projects like Apache Sandesha/C, Apache Rampart/C.

With this release C++ developers will be able to write web services and web service clients to inter-op with .NET/Java/PHP or any other platform built-on web service standards. The release is shiped with a code generation tool that will be used to generate the code for skeletons and stubs from a WSDL, so developers only need to concentrate on their business logic as the generated code will take care of building or parsing xmls and running them on top of the framework.
Here are the key features of the new release.

  1. Support core web service standards like SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, WSDL 1.1, WSDL 2.0, REST
  2. Support for web services QoS specifications.
    • WS-Addressing
    • WS-Security
    • WS-Policy
    • WS-Security-Policy
    • WS-Reliable-Messaging
  3. Support binary attachment with MTOM and SWA (With the Support for large binaries)
  4. Code generation tool.
  5. Proven interoperability with .NET.

As a side note, you will be able to participate to a free summer school training session on the WSF/CPP conducted by Nandika Jayawardane who is the project lead of both WSF/CPP and WSF/PHP on 30th July. You can register to it (for free) from here.

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