WSF/PHP Samples Explained

Here is a simple categorization of the WSF/PHP samples. You can access all the wsf/php samples from

Sample Category Example Client Source Code Example Service Source Code Online Demo
Beginners echo_client.php echo_service.php Demo
REST echo_client_rest.php echo_service_with_rest.php Demo
WSDL Mode (Contract First) wsdl_11_client.php wsdl_11_service.php Demo
WSDL Generation (Code First) doclit_client.php doclit_service.php Demo
MTOM Attachments mtom_download_client.php mtom_download_service.php Demo
Security encryption_client.php encryption_service.php Demo
Reliable Messaging echo_client_rm.php echo_service_rm.php Demo
Data Services CustomerDetailsClient.php CustomerDetailsService.php Demo

If you have downloaded the WSF/PHP binaries or souce code package you can find all these samples, inside the ‘samples’ directory

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