Demo on Consuming Flickr, Yahoo and Amazon Search Web Services

WSF/PHP Demo Site contains number of sample web service applications which demonstrate the different features of WSF/PHP. From these demos, Mashup Search Demo demonstrate  the use of  publicly available web services to create a search mashup in your web site.

This demo consists of 3 public web services namely Flickr, Yahoo and Amazon.

Flickr Yahoo Amazon
Service Documentation Page Flickr API Docs
Yahoo API Docs
Amazon API Docs
Registration for Key Flickr API registration
Yahoo API registration
Amazon API Registration
Source code for sample consumer Flickr Demo Source
Yahoo Demo Source
Amazon Demo Source
PHP class used FlickrClient YahooClient AmazonClient
Available Operations
  • photosTextSearch
  • photosTagSearch
  • webSearch
  • newsSearch
  • imageSearch
  • localSearch
  • itemSearch
  • itemLookup
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