Online Tools for PHP Web Services Developers

PHP Web Services Demo Site contains a set of nice tools that help development of web services in PHP.

  • WSDL2PHP tool – This allow you to generate PHP code for your WSDL. Note that this need your wsdl to be in a URL that it can access.
  • PHP2WSDL tool – Here you can paste your annotated PHP code and get the WSDL (both version 1.1 and 2.0) generated.  You can find the annotation syntax in here.
  • DBS2PHP tool – WSO2 has Data Services library implemented in both Java and PHP. In Java Data Services you give the configuration via an XML (in .dbs extension). Whereas in PHP you give the configuration via a simple PHP code which use arrays to feed the configuration parameters. If you are more familiar in writing XML than PHP, you can first write the XML and then convert it to PHP using DBS2PHP tool.
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