WSO2 Mashup Server 1.5.2 Released

WSO2 has announced the release of WSO2 Mashup Server 1.5.2. This release introduced the support for Data Services (Exposing Database, Excel sheet, CSV as a service), Open ID Logins and personalized dashboards to manage mashups and some security improvements. Just have a look at the release note for all the details about the new features, fixes of the release.

WSO2 Mashup Server enables you to develop your enterprise mashups very easily. You will write your code for the mashups in javascript with the full help of integrated javascript objects to consume Web services or Atom feeds, manage sessions, scrape web pages and manipulate storage. Once your put your .js file in to the mashup server repository, your services automatically will have the WSDLs, ‘Try It’ functionality and SOAP, REST interfaces.

If you are new to Mashup Server or to develop Mashups, just have a look at the series of screenshots released by WSO2 sometime ago. That will no doubt take you from zero knowledge to a comfortable state to write full-fledged mashups.

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