Case Study – PHP Data Services To Extract Content from Drupal Database

In this case study “ PHP Data Services Extract Content from Drupal Database“, I intended to present how Data Service concepts can be applied to extract data with marketing value from  a CMS database and publish it as web services.  I used the drupal instance deployed at as the CMS for the use case. And as the data service framework, I used WSF/PHP data services library, as it requires minimum changes to the existing infrastructure (the LAMP stack).

The case study also talks about how to consume the data service by any third party mashup to present textual/ graphical views of analyzed data. These mashups can be extended up to intergreate with social networks like facebook, twitter and etc to communicate back and forth a wider community and may be it can be used to track the distribution of active users using Google maps. Simply it makes easier to analyze business data + engagement with the community.

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