WSF/PHP Test Cases Explained

WSO2 WSF/PHP comes with a comprehensive set of test cases. It covers the most of the basic/concrete scenarios supported by WSF/PHP. You can find these test cases inside the “src/tests” directory of WSF/PHP source package. Or you can find the latest test-suite from the SVN location.

Here are some aspects covered in the test-suit.

Scenario Test Cases For Client Test Cases For Service
Basic Functionality echo_client*.phptmath_*.phpt samples/echo_service*.php
Basic Schema Types BasicDataTypes/*.phpt services/BasicTypesDoclitBSvc/*.php
Complex Schema Types cmplxDataTypes/*.phpt services/ComplexDataTypesWSvc/*.php
WSDL/Schema Variations wsdl_mode/*.phpt services/wsdl_mode/*.php
WSDL Generation with Annotations wsdl_generation/*.phpt services/wsdl_generation/*.php
Reliable Messaging echo_rm*.phpt samples/echo_service_rm*.php
Security echo_encrypt_client*.phptecho_signing_client*.phpt






MTOM mtom_*.phpt samples/mtom/*.php

(Note that Here ‘*’ is used as a wild card represent 0 or many characters)

Steps to Run Tests

  • First you need to install WSF/PHP correctly. Please read the WSF/PHP installation manual for that.
  • You have to have the ‘pear’ utility tool comes with PHP. And add this to the PATH environment variable.
  • Copy the samples and src/tests/samples/services directory (paths are relative to the root directory of the wsf/php package) to the web root directory.
  • Then go to the src/tests directory and execute the following command.
    pear run-tests -r

    This will execute all the test cases under the ‘tests’ directory and finally give a summery of the test results.

  • You can run individual test cases separately by providing the relative path to the test case from the ‘test’ directory. E.g. To run the echo_client.phpt test case, you may type
    pear run-tests samples/echo_client.phpt

If you like to add test cases for the WSF/PHP scenarios, follow this comprehensive guideline titled Writing Simple phpt Test Scripts For PHP Web Services.

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