ScreenCast – How to Consume a Web Service Using WSF/PHP

You can watch a Screencast on How to Consume a Web Service Using WSF/PHP from WSO2 Oxygent Tank developer portal.

There I have presented the steps you need to follow to consume a web service. I choose US National Digital Forecasting database Web Service as my example service to write the demo client.

This screencast contains,

  1. Where to find the Service documentation + WSDL and what are the information available in there.
  2. How to generate the PHP client from the WSDL using wsdlphp tool.
  3. What is in the php file generated from the wsdl2php tool and how you select the required operations to invoke.
  4. How to fill the input parameter for the web service operation
  5. How to handle the response returned from the service.
  6. Finally It shows some different ways the data that you are extracting from the service, can be presented to your user.
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